Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Titus- Newborn Lifestyle

I cannot put into words how much I truly love newborn shoots. If all I had to do everyday was take pictures of gorgeous new little ones I'd be living my dream! Spending the day with Rachel, Chad, and Titus was no exception. The love and excitement that just poured from these new parents was absolutely contagious.

I love how the word 'World' is just visible in the top right corner. I like to think that Chad really does have his whole world in his hands in this picture, and couldn't be happier about it.

A Christmas Season Recap

The Christmas season got away from me before I could even blink. I loved having the privilege of taking some Christmas Card Photos for some of my favorite families, so before it completely slipped away from me, I had to come back and recap some of my favorite winter shots! And what do you know? This snow day felt like the perfect time!

The first session I want to share was of the Casey and John and their sweet little twins. It's been exciting to watch these little ones grow through maternity photos, newborn photos, and one year old photos. They were full of spirit and I loved chasing them around!

The second session I want to share was just too much fun! I went with Drew, Laura, and their two year old twins to the Barker's local Christmas Tree Farm. Decorating trees and playing with some 'snow' made for a great time, and the absolute perfect setting for Christmas pictures!
How do I have so many beautiful friends with beautiful twins? Trust me, their Christmas cards were gorgeous with those sweet babies!

Want to see how my Christmas Card turned out this year? It's the perfect example of how my kids are completely over my photographer-mom ways.